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Now get your official copy of the unprecedented first season of STREATS featuring all the gang and all their unique personalities. This unscripted series showcases the talents of homeless individuals in their creativle comedic sarcastically serius manner. Here's a look at STREATS Episode 2 in its entirety entitled "EAT THIS". In this episode our dear Martin continues his adventure to get out of homelessness while trying to do good for his dear Rita's birthday. Our gang is on board discussing what you bring them for food and where you bring it



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Episodes 1 "Gotta Go" The Bathroom Adventure

Episode 2 "Eat This" Food Distribution and Diet

Episode 3 "Open Wide" Medical Care

Episode 4 "Knock Knock" Mental Health

Episode 5 "Kleen Up" Homeles Hygiene

Episode 6 "First Date" Homeless Romance

Episode 7 "Workin Hard at Hardley Workin" Martin goes to work

Project TASH - An examination of the District of Columbia's Transparency - Accountability - Services - Housing (TASH) of it's Homeless citizens. Hosted by the homeless of DC with Councilman Tommy Wells and DHS Deputy Director Laura Zeilinger. Recorded October 22, 2009 at Central Union Mission at 1350 R Street NW, Washington, DC.

 Project TASH $15

 The STREATS Team sits down and educates 2010 Mayoral Candidate Leo Alexander, and 2010 DC Councilman At-Large Candidate, Reverend Anthony Motley.


A Better Selection in the 2010 Election


A panel discussion on DC's Housing First initiative and the closing of Franklin  Shelter on May 28, 2008


"Who's First for Housing First?"


A follow up discussio on DC's Housing First initiative and the closing of Franklin  Shelter on September 30, 2008 featuring Councilmembers Yvette Alexander of Ward 7 and Marion Barry Ward 8 along with our cast of Homeless Advocates.

"Who's First for Housing First?" Part II