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"Think big, dream big and act big. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale talked about the power of positive thinking and how positive thoughts push us towards positive action and positive outcomes. By thinking big, we push our expectations higher, and the higher our expectations, the higher our actual achievements. Once we have big thoughts, it is easier to take big actions and then our chances of big outcomes dramatically increases."


"As a man thinks, so is he; as he continues to think, so he remains.


"To permit your mind to dwell upon the inferior is to become inferior and to surround yourself with inferior things. On the other hand, to fix your attention on the best is to surround yourself with the best, and to become the best. The creative power within us makes us into the image of that to which we give our attention."


"Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think."


"There is a vast difference between having a thought and thinking. All kinds of unwanted thoughts can knock at the door of our mind, but if we don't let them in, they leave us alone. But in thinking, we are imbuing a thought with life energy. We open wide the door and sit that thought down to dinner. When a thought of cynicism, resentment or vindication comes calling, what do you do? Do you bolt the door or do you lay out a smorgasbord? Just remember that the thoughts you entertain not only grow life in you, they become the life that you're living."


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