2006 Jesse Smith, Vendor Manager of StreetSense Newspaper - talking about the STREATS Soap Opera Series

STREATS began in 2006 with an unprecedented objective – Enable the homeless to tell their story in a comical, satirical, yet real manner via television.  A cast and crew of homeless and formerly homeless were trained in videography and created a seven episode series; now known to be the STREATS Soap Opera Series.  These individuals directed, filmed, acted, and marketed their product in which the initial episode can be seen on this site .   The STREATS signature soap opera series continues.  With your help we will train a new crew to operate cameras and learn the art of filmmaking, with the hopes of having a STREATS camera crew of homeless individuals armed with cameras to bring you the STREATS Soap Opera Series and up to the day (not yet minute) Homeless News.

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