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      1 month ago
      Akufuna Ngonda joined the group Sheptock Nation Apr 01
      2 months ago
      Eric Sheptock created a new topic Quick question about Permanent Supportive Housing in the forums.
      A certain homeless man (BCC'ed) contacted me about his situation about 10 days ago. He explained that he has multiple sclerosis and has been waiting for permanent supportive housing for almost 2 years. Well, due to me advocating for him, he is now being moved into Permanent Supportive Housing. (about 5 other people have been housed due to me pointing them out to DC Government/PSH employees. I've earned my keep.)

      As it turns out, this man is being moved into a "shooting gallery" as he put it. He called me to let me know that he has looked into the type of neighborhood that he is being moved into and it is a bad one. He asked if he could be put somewhere else and was told that he had to take this place or he wouldn't be housed.

      I sat in numerous meetings as Hogan & Hartson, attorneys at law and many others discussed the implementation of the HSRA (Homeless Services Reform Act) and the rules for Permanent Supportive Housing. If memory serves, we decided that a person should have an apartment chosen for them by PSH and that if they didn't like it, then a second place would be chosen for them by PSH. If they didn't like the 2nd place, then the client could find the 3rd and, so long as it fits PSH criteria, it would be paid for by PSH. Is this true? and, if so, why are clients not being told about their rights?

      The story of Tommy O. is still fresh in my memory. He is the guy who was housed by PSH in September of 2008 after spending more than 10 years on the street and was beaten within an inch of his life just 3 or 4 days after being housed. He spent so many years living safely on the streets and then almost died right after being housed. He was just able to say "Mommy" in September 2009, a year after the attack. (I know a good friend of his.) This time around, we have an opportunity to get in front of the ball. Don't let it happen again or I'll be forced to see PSH as a form of euthanasia against the homeless.

      Is my understanding of the rule (in bold print) correct?
      Please respond and send the pertinent attachment or link.

      (I can't actually open the attachments that I forwarded because of the high security settings on this computer and therefore haven't read them today.)
      Mar 25
      Andre' well FBF its time 4 FINALS.. :-/ cya soon Mar 24
      Eric Sheptock and Amanda Pleasant are now friends Mar 23
      Better Believe Steve and Nancy McDonald are now friends Mar 22
      Eric Sheptock replied to the topic Re:Chat Room in the forums.
      This would be a great place to execute dialog for 10 10 10 - Why not conduct regular meetings in it to build up momentum - Just a counter suggestion
      Mar 20
      Beatonthestreet created a new topic Chat Room in the forums.
      I note we have a chat room feature which could be well handy if we occassionally arranged meet-ups to get to know each other.. even plan future events... It certainly is an asset to employ

      I realise we may be on differing timezones and have other commitemnets etc.. but it could be a cool feature to utilise?

      Any thoughts?
      Mar 20
      Beatonthestreet joined the group Sheptock Nation Mar 20
      Better Believe Steve and Dave Bosserman are now friends Mar 20
      Beatonthestreet replied to the topic Re:Welcome to Speak in STREATS in the forums.
      Hey Folks!
      Eventually I have entered this space... sheesh you dont make it easy lol..

      Too many entry questions tbh keep it simple hey? loads of our streetfolk would have given up already...

      But any hows im glad to be here and I so hope we can affect some real social change, locally and globally..

      Some here may know me and thanx for the invite...

      Im an international homeless homeless advocate, who refuses to take no or maybe as an answer..

      Currently amongst local projects, Im trying to build the first World Homeless Day 10/10/10 www.worldhomelessday.org Love to get as many activists and street folk onboard to make this a a massive day annually..

      As we say in Ireland, Tiochaidh Ar La (Our day will come)

      Looking forward to learning more and getting stuff done!

      Thanx for having me!
      Mar 19
      Greg Wragg and Beatonthestreet are now friends Mar 19
      Beatonthestreet uploaded a new avatar. Mar 19
      Eric C. Anderson It's not that there's NO WORK for an engineer, it's mostly crooked work and war profiteering, that's all. Viddy this letter I just sent off to a recruiter... ================================ Hello Preethy, Thanks much for getting in touch about the Lexis-Nexis opening. Like any good job candidate, I thoroughly research the companies with whom I consider doing business. And while there is nothing I'd enjoy more than working with the advanced data models which I've come to know and love from Lexis-Nexis, I do have some concerns. Lexis-Nexis is owned by Reed-Elsevier. Reed-Elsevier has become famous in recent years for a host of ethical transgressions and downright crimes, including but not limited to sham journals, fake journals, price gouging, and believe it or not, even arms dealing. Yes, even clusterbombs. And then there's that whole Choicepoint can of worms. As a member of the ALA, LITA, and ACRL, I can attest to the fact that the once-august house of Elsevier has been regarded, at least in recent years, as a pariah in some circles. Stanford University is a good example of where Elsevier is considered "persona non grata", unless things have changed. The ALA convention is here in Washington DC in June. I'll be attending of course. Will a Lexis-Nexis identification badge cause my colleagues to shun me? I'll need some convincing. Thanks! Sincerely, Eric C. Anderson 2010-03-17 Mar 18
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      Nancy McDonald Do not view the world behind the constricting bars of stereotypes; open your eyes people! Mar 17
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      Lynda Beauchamp Thornhill Please join Willy's Sweet Shop and donate to St. Jude Children Hospital! Mar 14
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